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Animal_SuperpowersAnimal_Superpowers2Animal Superpowers Series
Mission: Lion Rescue — National Geographic Kids
Comics series highlighting animal senses.
Animal_Superpowers3Animal_Superpowers4Animal_Superpowers5Animal Superpowers Series
Mission: Wolf Rescue — National Geographic Kids
Comics series highlighting animal senses.

Weighty Problem
HR Magazine (October 2011)
How the American workplace plays a roll in the obesity epidemic.

Got a Minute (book cover illustration)

Unused book cover illustration. See the process blog post for this illustration here.

The Mighty Monkey-Men

Personal web comic/comic book project. Read the series here. Process blog post here.

Coming to Terms
Staffing Management (October-December 2009)

The uneasy relationship between employers and potential employees in the Great Recession.

Hold the Abuse
HR Magazine (January 2010)

About the infamous New York restaurant owner that sent an abusive e-mail to his employees.

The Virgin Joey
Sacramento News & Review
(January 31, 2008)

Article about the author balancing real life with being “all things” to “all people.”

Diet Coke, Light I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
Winner of Nevada Press Association Award—Second Best Illustration
Reno News & Review (February 7, 2008)

Read the process blog post here.